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Subject and Curriculum Content – PG Diploma in Cyber Laws


Human history in a sense is a story of technology from flint stones to that of genetic clones. The tribulations and triumph of such a journey, which will continue in the future, has one aspect constant at its core - ‘the laws that govern them’. 

Technology per se is never a disputed issue but for whom and at what cost has been the issue in the ambit of governance. The cyber revolution holds the promise of quickly reaching the masses as opposed to the earlier technologies, which had a trickle down effect. Such a promise and potential can only be realized with an appropriate legal regime based on a given socio-economic matrix. 

In the ambit of technology and Law, Law has always been at the curve of the highway chasing the developments of technology and ends often issuing violation tickets. Law needs to provide a road map to technology with appropriate signals and speed breakers for its safe driving. 

The need of the times is that of a strong legal research orientation which needs to travel along with technological developments if not in advance. Such an effort can make Law as a management tool, of rights and obligations in the interface of technology and Governance. 

Module I  - The emerging jurisprudence of Cyber Space

I. Defining Cyber Space


·  Understanding Cyber Space
·  Interface of Technology and Law Defining Cyber Laws

II. Jurisdiction in Cyber Space


· Concept of Jurisdiction 
· Internet Jurisdiction
·  Indian Context of Jurisdiction
· International position of Internet Jurisdiction Cases in Cyber Jurisdiction

III. Understanding Electronic Contracts


· The Indian Law of Contract
· Construction of Electronic Contracts
· Issues of Security Issues of Privacy Technical Issues in Cyber Contracts

IV. Types of Electronic Contracts


· Employment Contracts  
· Consultant Agreements
· Contractor Agreements Sales, Re-Seller and Distributor Agreements Non-Disclosure Agreements
· Software Development & Licensing Agreements
· Shrink Wrap Contract Source Code Escrow Agreements

V. Cyber Contracts & Indian Legal Position


· Legal Issues in Cyber Contracts
· Cyber Contract and IT Act 2000
·  Indian Law on Shrink Wrap Contracts Drafting of Cyber Contracts

Module II - IPR in Cyber Space

I. Understanding Copy Right in Information Technology


· Understanding the technology of Software
· Software - Copyrights vs Patents debate
· Authorship and Assignment Issues
· Commissioned Work and Work for Hire
· Idea/Expression dichotomy
· Copyright in Internet
II. Legal Issues in Internet and Software Copyright

· Jurisdiction Issues and Copyright
· Infringement
· Remedies of Infringement
· Multimedia and Copyright issues
· Software Piracy
III. Patents

· Understanding Patents
· International context of Patents
· European Position on Computer related Patents
· Legal position of U.S. on Computer related Patents
· Indian Position on Computer related Patents
IV. Trademarks

· Understanding Trademarks
· Trademark Law in India
· Infringement and Passing Off
· Trademarks in Internet
· Domain name registration
· Domain Name Disputes & WIPO
V. Databases

· Databases in Information Technology
· Protection of Databases
· Legal Position of Database protection in U.S.
· European Legal position on Databases
· Indian Law on Databases
· Sui Generis Extraction Right
Module III - E-Commerce & Taxation
I. E-Commerce - Salient Features

· On-line contracts
· Mail Box rule
· Privity of Contracts

· Jurisdiction issues in E-Commerce
· Electronic Data Interchange
II. Security and Evidence in E-Commerce

· Dual Key Encryption
· Digital Signatures

· Security issues in E-Commerce
· Evidence related issues
· UNCITRAL model law of E-Commerce
· Indian Legal Position on E-Commerce
· IT Act 2000/Indian Evidence Act/ Draft law on E-Commerce
III. E-Banking and Legal Issues

· Electronic Money
· Regulating e-transactions
· Role of RBI and Legal issues
· Transnational Transactions of E-Cash
· Credit Card and Internet

· Laws relating to Internet credit cards
· Secure Electronic Transactions
IV. Taxation Issues in Cyber Space

· Indian Tax System
· Transactions in E-Commerce
· Taxing Internet Commerce
· Indirect Taxes
· Tax evasion in Cyber space
V. International Taxation in E-Commerce

· Understanding International Taxation
· Fixed place vs. Website
· Permanent Establishments
· Double Taxation
· Role of ISPs
· OECD initiatives in International Taxation
Modules IV- Cyber Crimes
I. Understanding Cyber Crimes

· Defining Crime
· Crime in context of Internet –Actus Rea/Mens Rea
· Types of crime in Internet
· Computing damage in Internet crime
II. Indian Penal Law & Cyber Crimes

· Fraud
· Hacking
· Mischief
· Tresspass
· Defamation
· Stalking
· Spam
III. Investigations in Cyber Crimes
IV. Issues of Internet Governance 

· Freedom of Expression in Internet
· Issues of Censorship
· Hate speech
· Sedition
· Libel
· Subversion
· Privacy Issues
· International Positions on Free Speech in Internet
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