Post Graduate Diploma
P G Diploma in Patents Law
P G Diploma in Cyber Law
P G Diploma in Media Law
P G Diploma in International Humanitarian Law
P G Diploma in Cyber Law

Teaching Methods

Reading Materials - Print form  
NALSAR Pro- combines contact class programmes at designated centres along with web based learning. The students will be provided printed modules of materials prepared by NALSAR Pro. The Modules are prepared by subject experts and will cover the detailed syllabus, suggested readings of books and titles.

Web support  
The modules will also be available in the website. The web site will have periodic updates. The website will be on a password basis free of cost to the enrolled candidates. The learners can interact with subject guides through e-mail.

Contact Seminars  
Each Proximate center will have a two-three days intensive contact seminar classes. It will be conducted twice in a year on week ends. The contact seminars will be handled by the faculty of NALSAR Proximate Education. A candidate enrolled in a proximate center can attend at another center if he misses the seminar with the prior permission of the Coordinator. For P.G. Diploma in International Humanitarian Law there are no contact classes. They will be provided guides for online consultation

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