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P G Diploma in Media Laws

Subject and Curriculum Content – PG Diploma in Media Laws


‘Media’ the popular term inter-alia used as ‘Press’ denotes the print & electronic information carriers –the News Papers & Magazines, Radio, Television and currently includes Internet – as new Media. Hailed as the ‘Fourth Estate’, media is the watchdog of the public affairs, informing the society and vice versa acts as the forum to advocate the views of the society at large to those at the helm of public affairs. 

Media today, has grown into a complex information vehicle adding information relating to business, entertainment, education and sports. Apart from the complexity of the content, the technology side of the Media has taken phenomenal strides with the advent of Internet to enter a phenomenon termed as ‘Convergence’. 

In Indian context the print media and its interface with Law have a long tradition, where as broadcasting sectors of Radio and Television and emerging new Media of Internet is still an evolving one. The Media practitioners, Lawyers, Educationists relating to Mass Communications need to understand the Legal Framework that is operational and the emerging debate of restructuring such legal framework. This Course will help them to equip with the current legal regime on Media and the emerging one, which is going to play a crucial role. 

Module I - Media & Public Policy
I. Disseminating the facets of Media

·Understanding the concept of Media
· History of Media · Theories of Media
· Evolution of Media
II. History of Media Legislation

· Media Legislation - British experience
· Media Legislation in U.S.
· Media Legislation in Indian Context
III. Media in the Constitutional Framework

· Freedom of Expression in Indian Constitution
· Interpretation of Media freedom
· Issues of Privacy
· Right to Information
· Case studies on Media and Free expression
Module II - Media - Regulatory Framework
I. Legal Dimensions of Media

· Media & Criminal Law (Defamation / Obscenity/Sedition)
· Media & Tort Law (Defamation & Negligence)
· Media & Legislature – Privileges of the Legislature
· Media & Judiciary – Contempt of Court
· Media & Executive – Official Secrets Act
· Media & Journalists – Working Journalists (Conditions of Service) Act & Press Council Act
II. Self Regulation & Other Issues

· Media and Ethics
· Self-Regulation Vs Legal regulation
· Media & Human Rights
· Issues relating to entry of Foreign Print Media
Module III - Convergence & New Media
I. Understanding Broadcast Sector

· Evolution of Broadcast Sector
· Airwaves and Government control
· Open Skies policy
· Licensing issues in Broadcast Sector
II. Legislative efforts on Broadcast sector

· Prashar Bharti Act 1990
· Broadcasting Bill
· Cinematography Act 1952
· Cable T.V.Networks (regulation) Act of 1995
III. Opening of Airwaves

· Public policy issues on Airwaves
· Community Radio Advocacy
· Telegraph Act and Broadcast interface
IV. The New Media of Internet

· Evolution of Internet as New Media
· Regulating the Internet
· IT Act of 2000 and media
· Convergence Bill (to be enacted)
· Regulatory commissions of new media
· Indian Telegraph Act of 1885
Module IV - Media – Advertisement & Law

· Concept of Advertisement
· Advertisement & Ethics
· Advertisement Act of 1954
· Indecent Representation (prohibition) Act, 1986
· The Drugs and Magic Remedies (objectionable) Advertisements Act of 1954
· Issues of Consumer Protection
· Competition Bill and impact on Advertisements
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