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 In the new millennium, one witnesses a paradigm shift in legal education and pedagogy. One is reminded of Lord Tennyson’s words “Old order changeth yielding place to new”. Liberalization, globalization and homogenization of the world community make new demands and pose fresh challenges to our established systems and practices and, therefore, it is time to drop the old stereotyped notions of law, state and governance of Austinian tradition and to aim at a ‘Brave New World’ of equity and justice.

       NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad has been established to provide the best of infrastructural facilities and academic inputs to train prospective lawyers who would be socially sensitive and professionally adept. Our main emphasis is on practical training of the students in technical skills of the profession through Moot Courts, Seminars, Project Reports, Expert Lectures, Work in Lawyer’s Chambers, Court visits etc. Basic behavioural sciences like Political Science, Sociology, Economics, History, are taught as core subjects to provide them with a macro perspective of the Indian Society, its problems and needs.

We at NALSAR understand that perfection is like a moving target which one always tries to hit. With the dedication, cooperation of the faculty, the students and the staff, achievement of the top status as the best law school in India already has been achieved. However, we think that past laurels and achievements are not the halting stations but stepping stones to take further leaps in order to accelerate the momentum towards higher level of excellence.

Prof.Faizan Mustafa

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