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Subject and Curriculum Content – PG Diploma in Patents Law

Introduction :

India is ranked as the fastest emerging economy and a major global player in the years to come. The country has the largest scientific and technical human resources among top five countries in the world. With the advent of WTO regime, it has integrated its IP legislations in compliance with TRIPS agreement and is poised to be a destination for research and innovation.

      Such transformation requires capacity building in the field of IPR human resources. Acquisition of patents, prosecution and protection require training and skills of IP law for technical and legal professionals. NALSAR Pro offers a quality diploma programme in Patents Law to meet the Professional needs.

Module I - Introduction to IPR & Patents

I. Understanding Intellectual Property Rights


· Introduction
  · History of Patent Protection
  · Rationale behind Patent System

II. An Overview of the IPR Regime


· The Industrial Property System

· Patents
· Trademarks
· Copyrights
· Industrial Designs
· Layout Design of Integrated Circuits
· Undisclosed Information - Trade Secrets

III. Definition and Content of Patents System


· Definition of Patents 
· TRIPS Definition
· Various kinds of patent systems
· Inventions and invention excluded from patentability

· Process and product patent

·Acquiring a patent
· Method of getting a patent
·  Patent specification
· Patent claims

IV. Enforcement of Patents


· Term of a patent
· Working of a patent
· Compulsory Licensing
· Licenses of right
· Obligations of a Patentee

V. Exploitation of Patents.


· Rights of the Patentee

· Infringement & remedies
· Literal Infringement
· Infringement by Equivalents – Doctrine of equivalents.
· Defences to Infringement.

VI. Abuse of Patents


· Statement on Working of Patents
· Voluntary Licensing & Compulsory Licensing
· Licences of Right
· The Concepts of meeting “Reasonable requirement of the public at    reasonable cost –
· Revocation of Patents

Module II - Patenting in India

I. Legislations and Salient Features


· Indian Patents Act 1970
· Patent Amendment Act 2005
· WTO TRIPS - Indian  Legislation

II. Patent Search


· Patent Offices in India
· Patent Information and Databases
· Search methods/tools
· Patent Information Centres
· Advantages of patent search
· International Patent classification Patent search

III. Procedures for Patent Applications


· Patentability
· Exclusions from Patentability
· Acquisition of patents
· Preparation of Patent Specification
· Patent Office procedure
· Construction of patent claims

IV.Drafting of Patents 

V.Patent Infringement 

Module III - American & European Patent Regimes

I. US Patent Regime


· Title 37 CFR
· Patentability
· Utility
· Novelty
· Non obviousness
· Patent specification – Best Mode

II. European Patent Regime


· European patent convention
· Patentable inventions in European Patent systems
· History of the Broad Definition of Patentability
· Final form of European Patent system Development of EPO Practice in   Relation to Software Industries

III. Business Model Patents -  Biotech Patents

IV.Software Patents 

V.Patentability of Life Forms 

Module IV - International Treaties/Conventions on IPR

I. Paris Convention


· Background  
· Salient features of Paris Convention
· Governing Rules of Paris convention

II. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


 · Background
· Salient features of WIPO
· Organization of WIPO

III. World Trade Organization


·  Evolution of WTO
· Organization of WTO

IV. TRIPS Agreement


· Background
· Salient Features of TRIPS
· TRIPS and Indian IPR
· TRIPS and PARIS Convention – a comparison.

V. Patent Co-operation Treaty


·  Background
·  Objectives of PCT
·  Salient features of PCT

VI.Budapest Treaty 

VII.Convention of Bio-Diversity 

VII.Madrid Agreement 



Opinions of Patentability


Preparation of Patent Specifications


Patentability of Software & Biotechnology related inventions


Licences of Right


Infringement Issues in Patents
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