2.3.9. Regional Security and Global Governance
Module I: Regionalism: Architecture of Peace, The Historical Development, World Order Politics of Regionalisation, Developing a ‘Regional-Global Security Mechanism, Complexities of Regionalism, Regional Security Organizations: NATO, CETO, Warsaw Pact, CENTO.
Module II: Regional Security, Security Regionalism, The Multidimensional Phenomenon of Regional Security, Regionalism and Collective Security.
Module III: Regional Security Issues and Contemporary Developments
Module IV: Regional Security: SAARC Perspective, Regionalization of Peace in Asia, Realism and Regionalism in SAARC, Military and Strategic Cooperation, Economic Cooperation.
2.3.10.Terrorism and Counter Terrorism
Module I: Introduction to Terrorism and Counter Terrorism, Conceptual approaches to terrorism and terrorists, Counter-terrorism approaches and strategies, Transnational Perspectives to Terrorism.
Module II: United Nations and International Terrorism
Module III: International Security and Terrorism, Improving international cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of terrorist, Terrorism: Legal Perspectives, The use of force against terrorists, Interaction between international human rights law and international humanitarian law in the fight against terrorism.
Module IV: Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy in Asia, Singapore’s anti-terrorism laws: reality and rhetoric, Anti-terrorism efforts in Indonesia, Human Security Act and the IHL, Law of the Philippines: of security and insecurity, Responses to terrorism in China, Security laws for Hong Kong, Japan’s response to terrorism post-9/11, Mapping anti-terror legal regimes in India.
2.3.11. Aviation, Space and Maritime Security Laws
Module I: Maritime Security and Maritime Legal Regime, Fundamental Concepts of Maritime Security, Passage of Warships, Military Activities beyond the Territorial Seas, Law Enforcement and Law of the Sea, Terrorism and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Intelligence Gathering and Information Sharing, Armed Conflict and Naval Warfare.
Module II: International Legal Regime for Global Air Security, Airport Safety & Security, Global Air Safety Regulations, Enhancing Safety Oversight, Impact of Liberalization, Role of ICAO in improving safety, Safety Management Systems, ICAO and Air Transport Security- Annex 17, International Conventions on Air Transport Security, Anti-Hijacking, Aviation Terrorism And Global Regulations, Domestic Implementation of Air Transport Safety Conventions.
Module III: International Legal Regime for Space Safety, Security and Sustainability, Security for Outer Space Activities, Legal Regime for Outer Space Safety and Security, Space for National Defence, International Cooperation for Space Security.
Module IV: Contemporary Developments, Emerging Technologies, Strategic Air and Outer Space.
2.3.12. Cyber Space, Cyber Security and National Defence
Module I: Introduction to National Security and Cyber Space, Conceptual Framework of Cyber Space and Cyber Security, Speculative Security, Operational Considerations in Cyber Attack and Cyber Exploitation, Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism.
Module II: Armed Conflict and Cyber Defence, The Law of Armed Conflict and Cyber Warfare: The Relationship, The Emerging Structure of Strategic Cyber Offense, Cyber Defence, and Cyber Deterrence, A New Framework for Cyber Deterrence, Cyber Conflict, Cyber Power, and Security Resilience as Strategy.
Module III: National Approaches to Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare, Persistent Enemies and Cyber war: Rivalry Relations in an Age of Information Warfare, Competing Transatlantic Visions of Cyber security, The Bear Goes Digital: Russia and Its Cyber Capabilities, China in Cyberspace, Toward a Theory of Cyber Power: Strategic Purpose in Peace and War.
Module IV: Contemporary Issues on Cyber Security and Warfare, Cyber Space & Cyber Threats: Recent Developments, National Operationalization of Cyber Commands, Cyber Defence, Jurisdictional Concerns, Technological Complications : Lessons to be learnt and Roadmap for the future.

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