1.2.4. Maritime Laws in India
Module I:

Introduction to Maritime Laws of India, Historical Evolution of the Maritime Laws in India, Fundamental Concepts and Terminologies;

Module II:

Maritime Legislations in India, UNCLOS and Indian Legal Regime on Maritime Crimes, The Territorial Waters, Continental Shelf, Exclusive Economic Zone And Other Maritime Zones Act, 1976, The Maritime Zones of India (Regulation of Fishing by Foreign Vessels) Act, 1981, Dispute Resolution and Landmark Judgments;

Module III:

Maritime Fishing Legislation, Coastal Aqua-culture Authority act 2005, Biological Diversity Act 2002, Wildlife Protection Act 1972, Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, Marine Products Export Development Authority Act, 1972, Marine Fishing Policy 2004;

Module IV:

Maritime Laws of India: Emerging Challenges, Maritime Security, Maritime Capacity of India: Strengths and Challenges, Coastal Zone Regulation 2011 and Impact on Maritime Policy of India, Draft Marine Fisheries (Regulation and Management) Bill, 2009, Maritime Piracy Bill 2012

1.2.5. International Trade and Marine Transport Services
Module I:

Introduction to International Trade in Services, WTO-General Agreement on Trade in Services, Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization of Services and Advent of GATS, Relationship between GATT & GATS, General and Specific Obligations, India and GATS, Impediments to Maritime Transport Services,

Module II:

Access to Port, Access to Port under the Law of the Sea, Access to Port under WTO;

Module III:

Access to Cargo in International Shipping – Liner Shipping, Liner Conference and Its Evolution, Consortia and Alliances, New Developments, Selected Multilateral Regulatory Regimes, The United Nations, The OECD, Selected Regional and Domestic Regulatory Systems;

Module IV:

Dispute Settlement Mechanism under WTO, Dispute Settlement Provisions under the GATS, The Dispute Settlement Understanding and the Merit of the WTO’s Jurisprudence, The Relationship between the WTO Law and Other Fields of International Law, Withdrawal of Concessions –the WTO Term of Sanction

1.2.6. Maritime Laws and Contemporary Issues
Module I:

Maritime Terrorism: Codification of National and Counter Terrorism Laws,

Module II:

Transnational Maritime Crimes,

Module III:

Piracy and National Anti-Piracy Regime: Laws and Problems of Enforcement,

Module IV:

Indian Maritime Disputes: Nature and Adjudication,

Module V:

Maritime Insurance: Issues and Codification

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