2.3.9. Telecommunication Laws in India
Module I: Introduction and Evolution of the Telecom Industry in India, Overview of the Telecom Sector in India, Evolution of the Telecom Industry, Performance and Reforms on the Indian Telecom Sector, India in 1980s and 1990s: Impact of Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization.
Module II: Legal and Regulatory Framework of Telecom Laws and Policies, Overview of the Regulatory Framework, Indian Telecom Sector: Legal and Regulatory Framework, Telecom Laws and Policies in India.
Module III: Dispute Resolution Mechanism in the Indian Telecom Sector, Introduction to Dispute Resolution, Current Disputes and Resolution Approaches, Dispute Resolution in the Indian Telecom Sector, DSM in Telecom: Relating International to National Practices
2.3.10. Law of Remote Sensing and Geospatial Data
Module I: Introduction to Remote Sensing, Concept & Importance of Remote Sensing, Basics of Remote Sensing and Geo-Spatial Data, Remote Sensing as a Source of Information, Properties of Remote Sensing, Ethical Considerations in Remote Sensing.
Module II: Relationship between IPR and Outer Space & Telecom Activities, Technical Aspects of Issues of Remote Sensing, Fields of Application of Remote Sensing, Revival of ASPRS Code of Ethics: Emerging Issues, Human Vision and Multispectral Remote Sensing: Legal Issues, Curtilage and Open Fields, Filtering, Digital Ortho-Photography, LIDAR and FLIRs (Forward Looking Infrared Thermal Scanning).
Module III: Legal Aspects of Remote Sensing, Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, Commercial Information Market, Direct Criminal Activity, Regulation of Remote Sensing by Satellites, UN Principles on Remote Sensing, Bilateral and Multilateral Arrangements or Agreements relating to collection of Remote Sensing data, Processing and Distribution of Remote Sensing Data, GIS: Legal Issues- IPR and Copyright & Neighboring Rights, Data Protection.
Module IV: Contemporary Issues in Remote Sensing, Security Implications of High Quality Remote Sensing Imagery, Remote Sensing Evidence and Environmental Law, Third Party Access to Data Obtained via Remote Sensing: International Legal Theory versus Economic and Political Reality, Remote Sensing for Public Safety, Remote Sensing and State Sovereignty, Community Remote Sensing and Legal Issues
2.3.11 Trade Laws relating to Space and Telecommunications
Module I: Fundamentals of International Trade Law, Introduction to International Trade Law: Codification and Development of International Trade Law, Codification and Development of International Trade Law by the League of Nations and the United Nations, Present Scenario of International Trade Law, Basic Principles and Concepts of International Trade Law, MFN, National Treatment, Non-Discrimination, Transparency and Sovereignty, Free and Fair Trade, Binding Commitments, World Trade Organization, General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT), General Agreement on Trade in Services.
Module II: International Trade in Telecom Services, Need to regulate trade in telecom services, regulatory organizations at global and national level, Role of WTO, ITU, Service Sector of Telecom Industry, Service Negotiations, WTO Regime for Telecommunication Services, Fourth Protocol, Annex on Telecommunications, Implementation of WTO Commitments.
Module III: Trade and Outer Space Activities, Legal and Policy Aspects of Launch Services, Privatization of the Launch Services, Commercialization of Launch Services Sector, Globalization of the Launch Services Sector, Launches With Multiple Payloads And Reusable Launch Vehicles, Cross-Jurisdictional Launch Operations, IPR Protection, WTO and Space Activities, Space Investments and Evaluation of Investor Affability.
Module IV: Trade and Telecom and Outer Space: Emerging Legal Issues
2.3.12. Space Law and Contemporary Issues
Module I: Emerging Challenges in Space Law, Future of Space Law, Global Public Interest in Outer Space, Legal Aspects of Planetary Exploration, Protection of Intellectual Property in Outer Space, ICAO’s Involvement in Outer Space Activities.
Module II:Satellite Telecommunication & Global Mobile Personal Communication Satellite Services, INTELSAT and IMARSAT: Need for Structural Change, Satellite Communications: The Legal Gap, GMPCS, Developing Countries Perspectives, Direct Broadcasting Satellites, Developing Countries and the Law.
Module III: Military Use of Outer Space, Status of Outer Space Treaty during War and Measures Short of War, China’s ASAT: A demonstrated need for legal reform, Space Debris and International Law.
Module IV: Commercialization of Space Activities, Commercial Developments in Outer Space: Need for New Treaties, Legal and Policy Aspects of Providing Launch Services provided by Governmental and Private providers, Space Tourism-Space in Private Hands, Space Tourism – Future Policy and Legal Challenges, Space Tourism Activities- Emerging Challenges to Air and Space Law, Draft Protocol on matters to Space Assets: New Developments and Perspectives for Success.
Module V: Dispute Settlement in Space

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