1.1.1 - General Principles of Law

Introduction to Law : Definition, Nature, Scope and Development of law - Sources of Law, Legal Concepts, Difference between Substantive and Procedural Law;

Indian Constitution - Salient Features, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Relevant Provisions relating to Space Law;

Law of Contract – Nature, Scope and Definition of Contract, Essentials of a Contract, Classification of Contracts, Breach of Contract, Discharge of Contract, Remedies in Contract Law;

Law of Torts – Meaning and Essentials of Tort, Liability, Judicial and Non-Judicial Remedies, Defences, Negligence, Types of Damages;

Criminal Law – Definition, nature and scope of criminal law, Essentials, Defences, Offences relating to person and property;

Civil and Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act, Property Law - (Relevant Sections)

Public International Law - Introduction to International Law - Definition, Nature, Scope and Development of International Law, Sources of International Law, Subjects of International Law, Relation between International Law and Municipal Law Domestic Application of International Law in India.

1.1.2 - Principles of Management

Introduction to Management: Backdrop to Management, History of Management, Nature and Process of Management, Dimensions of Management, Functions of Management, Characteristics of Management, Management : A Profession, Significance of Management, Evolution of Management, General Theories of Management, Management by Objectives, Managerial Roles, Skills, Competencies.

Organizational Planning: Introduction, Concept, Importance, Limitations, Components of Planning, Guidelines for Policy Formulations, Programme and Strategy;

Organization; Concept and Theories of Organization: Human Factors, Important Steps and Benefits, Types of Organization and System views, Organizational Structure and Systems Organizational Effectiveness, Departmentation, Delegation and Decentralization, Organizational Structure in a Globalizing World;

Directing: Introduction, Characteristics, Motivation – Process, Objective, Mechanism, Significance, Theories;

Leadership: Functions, Views, Leadership v. Management, Factors of Leadership, Leadership v. Power, Leadership Attitudes, Theories, Managerial Grid, Framework Model of Leadership;

Control: Characteristics, Pre-requisites, Types, Process, Methods, Uses, Importance and Shortcomings;

Coordination in Organizations: Concept, Characteristics, Importance, Principles, Objectives, Types and Purposes of Coordination.

1.1.3.- International Air Law

Introduction to International Law including Definition, Nature, Scope and development; Sources and Subjects of International Law; Relation between International Law and Municipal Law; Definition of air law; delimitation between air space and outer space; nature, scope and sources of international air law; concept of state sovereignty in air law; various theories on the extension of air law; development of air law (from 1903 to 1944) by the Paris Convention 1910 and 1919, the Chicago Convention of 1944; The Development of International Air Law by the Chicago Convention 1944, its Various Annexes – General and Technical Regulations by the ICAO; Debate on Bilateralism Vs Multilateralism – the Growing Trends of Regionalism in International Civil Aviation; Bilateral Agreements in Civil Aviation and India; Management of the Prevention of Unlawful Interference with Civil Aviation; The Institutional and Legal Problems of the New Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS / ATM) Systems; New Developments in Airports and Air Routes. Application and Implementation of CNS / ATM technologies in Indian Civil Aviation; Changing Global Trends in Airports Ownership and Management: Emerging Legal Issues; Rights and privileges of Air passengers: The growing need of consumer protection in Civil Aviation; Emerging Trends of Global Alliances, mergers, code sharing and Computer Reservation System in Civil Aviation – Need for a new Law?; Issues Relating to the Aircraft Financing and Leasing – and the Global Trends in Aviation Insurance; Settlement of Aviation- Related Disputes.

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