1.2.4. Airport Management

Fundamentals of Airport Management : Organization of an airport authority; Principles of airport management; Quality service management; Airport commercial management; Airport economic and service regulation; Airport competition in turbulent times and Airport retail business model

Air Transport Development : Overview of ICAO, air transport law and regulations; Airhub development: The India experience; Air transport liberalization and Air transport trends and development

Airline Business: Economics of air travel supply and demand; Air transport policies and its impact on revenue; Airline finance management; Regulations and its impact on airline competition and Challenges of low cost carriers

Airport Planning and Development : Airport master planning; Major considerations in passenger terminal developments; Managing airport upgrading projects; Initiatives in reducing emissions and Green airport concept

Safety Management and Crisis Preparedness : Safety oversight management; State Safety Programme; Human factors in aviation; Pandemic preparedness for aviation sector; Crisis preparedness management and Crisis communications

Aviation Safety : Safety management systems; Aircraft accident investigation and management and Foreign object debris and runway safety

Aviation Security : International regulatory framework; Aviation trends, issues and challenges; Quality service for aviation security personnel; National civil aviation security programme; Airport and airline security programme; Aviation security equipment and systems; Balancing airport security and facilitation; Threat assessments and sabotage countermeasures; Contingency planning and crisis management; Response to major security emergencies; Global security threats in civil aviation; Airlines perspective of aviation security and Air cargo security

Strategic Management : Risk management and Change management

Air Navigation Services : Overview of air traffic services; Next generation air transport system; Air navigation and safety

1.2.5 - Airline Management

Fundamental management and planning issues in transportation; Airport access planning and management: Concept, demand and supply, planning procedures, ground access; Airport land side traffic management: Cure side traffic, airport parking, traffic circulation, interactions with terminal design; Airport travel demand forecasting: Qualitative vs. quantitative approaches, realizing air travel demand, consumer preference and utility measurement; Supply chain management: Strategy, planning, operation; Quantitative management and analysis tools: Regression models, queuing theory, computer simulation, and optimization;

Airport Planning, Design and Engineering : Overview of airport master planning; Major considerations in determining airport planning; Planning considerations for small domestic airports; Impact of new large aircraft on airport planning; Design of budget terminal: Singapore's experience; Managing airport upgrading projects; Ground support equipment; Bird hazard management and Aerodrome safety

1.2.6. Domestic Air Laws in India

Why and how Domestic implementation of International Air Law-Indian Constitution and International Law-Domestic Aviation Regulations in India-The Aircraft Act 1934; The Aircraft Rules 1937; The Indian Aircraft Rules 1920 (part IX); The Aircraft (Public Health) Rules, 1954; The Carriage by Air Act, 1972; The Tokyo Convention Act, 1975; The Anti-Hijacking Act, 1982; The Anti-Hijacking Act (Amendment) Act 1994; The Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Safety of Civil Aviation Act 1982; The Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Safety of Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 1982; The Air Corporations (Transfer of Undertakings and Repeal) Act 1994; The Aircraft (Demolition of obstructions caused by Building and Trees etc) Rules 1994; The Airports Authority of India Act 1995; Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization of civil aviation in India-New Bilateral and Open Sky Policy in India-Infrastructure and Investment law/policy in India-Various Mechanisms of Public Private Participation (PPP) in India-Airport Infrastructure Policy 1997 Comprehensive Civil Aviation Policy and the Need.

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