1.1.1. General Principles of Law
Module I: Introduction to Law, Nature and Sources of Law, Legal Principles of Air & Space Law, Theory and Nature of Political Institutions, Constitution of India, Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties, Relationship between Union & State, Emergency and Amendment Provisions;
Module II: Indian Judicial and Legal System, Historical Evolution of the Indian Legal System, Administration of Justice in India, Development of Legal Profession in India, Indian Advocates Act, Adversarial and Inquisitorial System, Indian Judiciary, Civil and Criminal Court Structure and Procedure in India, Quasi-Judicial Framework, Alternate Means of Dispute Resolution;
Module III: Fundamental Aspects of Law and its relevance to Air Law, Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, Law of Crimes, Law of Property, Law of Consumer Protection, Law of Insurance, Law of Company, Law of Environment, Law of Cyber Space and Regulation, Law of Intellectual Property Rights, Law of Competition;
Module IV: Legal Research Methodology and Project Writing Techniques, Meaning and Objectives of Research, Types and Significance of Legal Research, Stages Involved in Legal Research Process, Criteria of Good Research, Current Trends in Legal Research, Problems Encountered by Researchers in India, Guidelines for researcher of project/seminar papers
1.1.2. International Air Law
Module I: Introduction to International Law and International Air Law, Introduction to International Law, Nature and Concept of International Law, Relationship between International Laws and Domestic Laws, Sources and Subjects of International Law and International Air Law, Delimitation of Air Space and Outer Space, Historical Development of Air Law, Paris Conventions, Regional and Private Conference on International Air Law and their contribution in development of air law, State Sovereignty in International Air Law,
Module II: Chicago Conference And Chicago Convention And International Air Law, Chicago Convention, Freedom of Air Space v. Sovereignty of Air Space Debate, Interim Agreements, Transport Agreement and Transit Agreement, Technical Annexes, Bilateralism and Recent Developments, Liberal and Open Sky Policies;
Module III: International Civil Aviation Organization, Admission and Membership of ICAO, Organs of ICAO – Assembly, Council and Secretariat, Economic, Technical Regulations and Air Safety and Security Regulations, Annexes to ICAO, Dispute Settlement Mechanism;
Module IV: Recent Developments in International Air Law, Globalization, Liberalization and Privatization in Civil Aviation, Environmental Concerns in Aviation, World Trade Organization, GATS and International Air Law, International Air Transport Organization
1.1.3. Principles of Management
Module I: Introduction to Management: Backdrop to Management, History of Management, Nature and Process of Management, Dimensions of Management, Functions of Management, Characteristics of Management, Management : A Profession, Significance of Management, Evolution of Management, General Theories of Management, Management by Objectives, Managerial Roles, Skills, Competencies.
Module II: Organizational Planning, Introduction, Concept, Importance, Limitations, Components of Planning, Guidelines for Policy Formulations, Programme and Strategy;
Module III: Organization: Concept and Theories of Organization, Human Factors, Important Steps and Benefits, Types of Organization and System views, Organizational Structure and Systems Organizational Effectiveness, Departmentation, Delegation and Decentralization, Organizational Structure in a Globalizing World;
Module IV: Directing: Introduction, Characteristics, Motivation – Process, Objective, Mechanism, Significance, Theories;
Module V: Leadership, Functions, Views, Leadership v. Management, Factors of Leadership, Leadership v. Power, Leadership Attitudes, Theories, Managerial Grid, Framework Model of Leadership;
Module VI: Control, Characteristics, Pre-requisites, Types, Process, Methods, Uses, Importance and Shortcomings;
Module VII: Coordination in Organizations, Concept, Characteristics, Importance, Principles, Objectives, Types and Purposes of Coordination.
1.1.4. Airport Management
Module I: Fundamentals of Airport Management; Introduction to Airport Management, Historical Evolution of Airport Management, Evolution of Air Transportation System, Evolution of Airports, Airport Governance, Government, Ownership & Control, Private Ownership & Pattern, Airport Systems, Networks and Alliances, Corporate Governance, Internal Organization; Airport Organization;
Module II: Airport Economics & Financial Management, Economies of Air Travel: Supply & Demand, Expenditure and Revenue Structure at Airports, Financial Management at Airports, Price Regulations & Airport Concessions, Airport Network Competition;
Module III: Airport Operations and Service Quality, Airport Planning & Development, Service Quality Management, Airport Safety & Security, Ground Handling Management at Airports, Passenger Management at Airports, Process of Setting Airport Charges;
Module IV: Airport-Airline Relationship, Structure of Airport-Airline Relationship, Aeronautical Charges and Airline Operations, Non-Aeronautical Charges: Development and Management, Slot Allocation;
Module V: Contemporary Issues in Airport Management; Airport Management: Trends, Developments and Challenges Ahead, Privatization of Airports in India, Environmental Concerns in Airport Management, Airport Commercial & Retail Management, Brownfield and Greenfield Airport, Law for Airports, Airport Management in the 21st Century: Challenges Ahead

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