2.3.9. Aviation Contracts and Tenders
Module I: General Principles of Contracts- Purpose of Contract Law, Nature, Scope, Definition, Intention to create legal relation, Classification of Contracts, Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Free Consent, Competency to Contract, Unlawful Object, Performance of Contracts, Discharge of Contract, Remedies to Breach of Contract, Liquidated Contracts, Quasi Contracts-Contract of Indemnity;
Module II: International Contract Law: Norms and Drafting Guidelines, Tenders and Tendering Procedures, International Contractual Negotiations, Principles for Drafting of International Commercial Contracts, Norms for Drafting International Commercial Contracts;
Module III: Airline Contracts, Aviation Insurance Contracts, Airline Lease Agreement, Airline Purchase and Sales Agreement, Contract of Carriage by Air, Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Agreement, Ground Handling Agreement, Code-Sharing and Interline Agreement;
Module IV: Airport Contracts, Airport Lease Agreement, PPP In Airport Infrastructure, Airport In-Terminal Concession Agreement.
2.3.10. Aviation Corporate Laws
Module I: Fundamentals of Company Law; Introduction to Company Law, Kinds of Companies, Incorporation and Promotion of Company, Prospectus and Commencement of Business, Shares and Debentures, Management of a Company, Winding Up of a Company, Corporate Social Responsibility,
Module II:Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures in India, History of Mergers and Acquisitions, Process of Mergers and Acquisitions, Mergers and Acquisitions in Aviation Industry, Alliances and Joint Ventures in Civil Aviation;
Module III: Competition Law and Civil Aviation in India; Overview of Competition Act 2002, Competition Law and Aviation Sector: Emerging Legal Issues;
Module IV: Business Opportunities in Aviation Sector: Recent Developments, Choosing Between Bilateralism and Multilateralism: Approaches for Improving Market Access in The Indian Civil Aviation Industry, Aircraft Hijacking: An Analysis Of New Legal Issues, Aviation Insurance, Fractional Ownership Indian Scenario: A Jurisprudential Analysis, Emerging Regulatory Issues and Challenges, Project Finance in Aviation, Special Economic Zones and Airports, Aircraft Leasing In India: An Overview, Economic Regulatory Authority of India, Financing of Aircraft;
Module V: Contemporary Challenges in Corporate Aviation Laws; Foreign Investment, Business Regulations, Financial Sector, Labour and Employment Regulations, Intellectual Property, Tax Framework, Real Estate Sector, Civil Aviation and Special Economic Zones
2.3.11. Air Transport Economics and Statistics
Module I: Fundamentals of Economics, Meaning, Nature, Micro, Macro-Economic Analysis, Economics and Law of Demand, Economics and Law of Supply, Market Equilibrium;
Module II: Fundamentals of Air Transport Economics, Evolving Air Transport Industry, Economic Impact of Air Transport, International Economics and Aviation;
Module III: Core Principles, Market Demand and Supply for Airline Services, Cost and Production Analysis in Air Transport Industry, Air Transport Market Structure and Monopolistic Markets, Aviation Forecasting and Regression Analysis;
Module IV: Airport Airline Economics and Infrastructure, Expenditure and Revenue Structure at Airports, Financial Air Transport Infrastructure: Supply and Demand, Open Skies and Global Alliances, Economies of Aviation Safety and Security
2.3.12. Aviation Marketing
Module I: Fundamentals of Marketing, Introduction to Marketing and Concepts, Basic Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Needs and Motivation, Group Dynamics, Social Surroundings, Direct Selling, Advertising, Sale Promotion And Public Relations, Communications, Market For Air Transport Services;
Module II: Airline Products and Services, Global Airline Passenger Market, Evaluation of Service Marketing in Aviation Industry, Role of Promotion in Marketing, Airline Selling, Advertising and Promotional Policies, Role of Social Media in Marketing;
Module III: Airport Pricing and Marketing, Building Blocks in Airline Pricing Policy, Revenue Management at Airports, Distribution of Aviation Products and Services, Distribution & Major Marketing Channels, Vertical Marketing Systems, Retailer-Owned Wholesaling Intermediaries;
Module IV: Airport Marketing, Airport-Airline Relationship Structure, Aeronautical Charges and Airline Operations, Development and Management of Non-Aeronautical Revenues, Airport Commercial and Retail Management, Greenfields Airport;
Module V: Future of Aviation Marketing, Aviation Marketing: Challenges Ahead, Airport Management: Trends and Developments, Changing Faces of Airport, Privatization of Airports, Greenfield Airports: Overview of India’s Legislative Policy

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