1.1.1 - Financial Markets and Institutions
Module I: Introduction to Financial Markets and Services
  • Structure of Financial Systems
  • Different Types of Financial Markets
  • Different Types of Financial Intermediaries
  • Regulators in Financial System
  • Fintech & Technology in Financial Services
Module II: Money Markets
  • Concept and Evolution of Money Markets in India
  • Different types of Money Market Products
  • Regulation of Money Market in India
Module III: Capital Markets
  • Evolution of Capital Market in India
  • Primary Market Operations
  • Secondary Market Operations
  • Products of Capital Market
  • Regulation of Capital Market in India
Module IV: Financial Institutions - Fund Based
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pension Funds
  • Provident Funds
  • Banking and NBFCs
Module V: Financial Institutions – Services
  • Credit Rating Business and its regulations
  • Investment Banking
  • Personal Financial Planning and Wealth Management Services
  • Registrar & Transfer Agents
  • Asset Reconstruction Companies
  • Distribution of Financial Products
1.1.2 - Financial Legislations
Module I: Commercial Banking Legislations
  • History of Banking in India & RBI Act
  • Important Provisions of Banking Regulations Act
  • RDDBA 1993
  • SARFAESI 2002
  • Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
Module II: Insurance Legislations
  • Insurance Act
  • Regulatory environment of Insurance Industry in India
  • IRDA Act
  • Regulatory framework of Life Insurance in India
  • Regulatory framework of General Insurance in India
  • Health Insurance Business in India
Module III: SEBI & Capital Market Legislations
  • Origin of SEBI
  • Important Provisions of SEBI Act
  • History of Capital Market Regulations in India
  • Important Provisions of SCRA
Module IV: FEMA
  • Concept of Foreign Exchange
  • History of Foreign Exchange Regulations in India
  • Important Provisions of FEMA
  • FDI Regulations
  • Transfer Pricing
Module V: Self Regulatory Organisations
  • Concept of Self Regulatory Authorities
  • Different Kinds of Self Regulatory Organisations
1.1.3 - Financial Management
Module I:Introduction of Financial Management
  • Meaning, Importance and Objectives of Finance Management
  • Concepts relating to financing and investment decisions
  • Principle of Profit Maximization Vs Wealth Maximization
  • Compounding and Discounting techniques— Concepts of Annuity and       Perpetuity.
  • Managerial and General Functions of Financial Management
Module II: Investment Decisions
  • Purpose, Objective, Process
  • Understanding different types of projects
  • Techniques of Decision making: Non-discounted and Discounted Cash flow Approaches — Payback Period method, Accounting Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Modified NPV & Modified Internal Rate of Return, Discounted Payback Period and Profitability Index
  • Ranking of competing projects, Ranking of projects with unequal lives
Module III: Financing Decisions
  • Cost of Capital — Weighted average cost of capital and Marginal cost of capital
  • Capital Structure decisions — Capital structure patterns, Designing optimum capital structure, Constraints, Various capital structure theories
  • Business Risk and Financial Risk — operating and financial leverage, Trading on Equity.
  • Point of Indifference of EBIT
Module IV: Working Capital Management
  • Working capital policies
  • Inventory management
  • Receivables management
  • Payables management
  • Management of cash and marketable securities
Module V: Dividend Decisions
  • Theories of Dividend
  • Introduction to Dividends
  • Dividend Policy
  • Types of Dividend Policies
  • External and Internal Factors Guiding Dividend Policy
  • Impact of Taxation on Financial Management

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